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• Planet Hiroshima 2011

* Mad as Hell Doctors

* The Health Care Debate Has Begun

* We're Talking About Socialism

* Welcome to "Whole-Mart"


* American Dreamer

* Shared Sacrifice?

* Return to Grant Park

• Obama's Misdirected Courage

* The Whole Foods Boycott

* Does This Happen in Canada?

* Coming Out in an Up-and-Coming Sport


* The Story of Parvin: Reflections on Hope

* Broken Health Care & Conservative Apologetics

* SiCKO & the Health Insurance Rip-Off

* Devolving World of the Right-Wing Media

* Where Are the Slander Merchants Taking Us?

* Border Guards Are Not the Answer


* When Students Become Teachers


* Mitt, Mormons, and Money

* Michael Moore


* Tunisia's Cry for Justice

* Tunisia Protests

* Ringing in the New Year

* The Drama of the Gifted Therapist

* More Movement, Less Obama

* The Dumbpire Strikes Back!

* Swine Flu & Single-Payer

* Will Obama Be Democrats' Hoover?

* Bill Ayers and the Talk Media Circus

* Iraq and the Elections

* JUNO and Abortion

* Support the Troops?

* Planet Hiroshima

* Now That Imus is Gone

* 'Alternative' Media Quietly Sells Out

* New Labor Spirit in Grocery Strike

* Media's Pro-War Campaign


* Whole Foods CEO's Dumb, Hypocritcal Conservative Talking Points

* Could Marijuana Be Legal in Illinois?

* Gender (Hoop) Dreams


* Heartland Coach: Women's Basketball Pioneer (PDF)

* Lies That Sell, Lies That Kill

* Media (Un)Realities

* Iraq War and "Homeland Security"

* What Will Obama Presidency Bring?

* Chicken Soup for Activists

* Socialism and the New Millenium

* Right-Wing Radio Explains (Away) Torture

* Pat Robertson: Salvation or Assassination?


* Interview on Social Activism

* On Father's Day

* Our Hearts Dance


• All of Your Stories


* SIU Voices of Antiwar Protest - 1971-1973




Remembering Jack London

Counterpunch (Sept 3, 2012)

In 1989 I drove from San Francisco to visit the Napa Valley an hour and a half north. On my itinerary was a visit to the Glen Ellen Winery and the nearby Jack London State Park. I was also eager to visit the Jack London Bookstore located in the small town of Glen Ellen a mile or so from the state park....Read More


Ted Nugent is No Pussy (Riot)

Counterpunch (Aug 24-26, 2012)

It didn't take a Secret Service visit this past spring to know (off-his) rocker Ted Nugent wasn't really threatening President Obama when he declared he'd "either  be dead or in jail by this time next year" if the President was re-elected....Read More


Music's 'Uncooperative' Celebrity

Z magazine (June 2012)

What are we to make of Sinead O’Connor? The Irish singer who rose to fame at age 21 with her 1987 release, “The Lion and the Cobra,” has in ensuing years acquired a reputation that seems to obligate journalists to affix some pointed adjective before every mention of her name....Read More


NATO in Chicago

OpEdNews(May 23, 2012)

The thousands gathered in Chicago this past weekend to protest the NATO summit and the G8 meeting in Camp David are another sign we are in a new era of social activism.....Read More


Mitt, Mormons, and Money

Truthout (Feb 3, 2012)

Growing up in a family with ties to founders of the Mormon Church, at an early age I learned a little about the church's teachings. I read Mormon comic books for children that claimed humans in the Garden of Eden used to live to the age of 900 or so. I learned that God, in his wrath, had turned Cain black for killing Abel, which is why, until 1978, the church banned those of black African descent from the Mormon priesthood....Read More


Hope, Solidarity, and Acupuncture

Counterpunch (Dec. 28, 2011)

Treating illness involves getting to the root of a health condition. Or, ideally at least, it should. In the real world much medical practice is geared toward ameliorating symptoms, without necessarily curing the underlying condition.....Read More




* A Dad's "Heroic" Stories

* At the Scene of a Sudden Death


* A Father in Sharper Focus

* What Makes a Campus Murderer?


* Welcome to 'Whole-Mart'

* A Response to Critics


* Music's 'Uncooperative' Celebrity

* Immigrants Are Not the Enemy

* Health Care Revolt

* Women, Gays, and Basketball

* Ann Coulter's War on Dissent

* The 2004 Election


* The Game of Life

* Eco-Healthy Home


* Choice Books Column (2000-2003)

* Could Marijuana Be Legal in Illinois?

* Looking for Home

* Visions for a New Millennium

* Who Speaks for a Different Future?

* Have We Lost Our Civility?

* Intelligent Compassion

* Paying for Alternative Medicine


* "The Flexible Writer: A Basic Guide," (Longman, 2003), Contributor

* Guide to College Reading 6th Edition (Addison Wesley, 2003,) Contributor

* Six-Word Memoirs: Not Quite What I Was Planning (Harper Collins, 2008), Contributor

* Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak (Harper Collins, 2009), Contributor


* RIane Eisler

* Noam Chomsky

* Christine Northrup

* Tony Mazzocchi




"Here is a voice of great clarity and conviction. Mark Harris writes convincingly, even beautifully, of the possibilities for a transformed world."

    —Riane Eisler, "The Chalice and the Blade: Our History, Our Future," (HarperSanFancisco, 1986)


"Mark Harris is a welcome north star.  A beautiful writer, he navigates the way to a more humane world."

     —Susan Skog, "Radical Acts of Love" (Hazelden, 2001)


"Mark Harris is a powerful and eloquent writer."

      —Carl Finamore, Bay Area labor journalist


"Mark Harris has consistently been one of our strongest voices. His thoughtful work illuminates complex issues and engages readers at a heartfelt level."

     —Conscious Choice magazine



Mark T. Harris is a Portland, Oregon-based writer.  His writing on political and social issues appears in a variety of magazines, newspapers, and news sites.


Harris is a former features writer for Nightingale-Conant's Insight magazine. He was also for several years the Choice Books columnist for Chicago's Conscious Choice. He is the author of "The Game of Life," which explored the health benefits of play and was a national cover story for Utne magazine. His investigative report, "Welcome to 'Whole-Mart'—Rotten Apples in the Social Responsibility Industry," appeared in Dissent magazine and was one of the first exposés on the labor practices of Whole Foods Market. 


Another investigative story, "Could Marijuana Be Legal in Illinois?," told the story of glaucoma sufferer Brenda Kratovil's efforts to enforce a little-known Illinois medical marijuana statute. This Conscious Choice cover story was later widely reported by the Chicago Tribune and Fox News.


On the lighter side, Harris is a contributor to the recent best seller, "Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs by Writers Famous and Obscure," by Larry Smith and Rachel Fershleiser (Harper Collins, 2008). His flair for the ironic earned his contribution a mention in The New Yorker and on National Public Radio.


Mark T. Harris is a featured contributor to "The Flexible Writer," fourth edition, by Susanna Rich (Allyn & Bacon/Longman, 2003); and "Guide to College Reading," sixth edition, by Kathleen McWhorter (Addison-Wesley, 2003).


He can be reached at: